a sign of a different kind

Posted on November 29, 2011 with 1 comment

The weather has been warm. The sun shining brightly as it seems only to do in Colorado. Still, a cold wind has been blowing from the mountains, reminding of the seasons change. I drive the streets of Boulder and find that every corner seems to be claimed by sign holders. The holidays have brought them out it hordes. It is curious, I find, and slightly absurd, that opposite street corners shout such opposite messages. On one corner an old crumpled man sits bundled in his only belongings with a handmade cardboard sign. It reads “Vet, Homeless, Mentally Ill.” He looks as though he has probably been self-medicating, intoxicated, probably alcohol. Across the street a young man in ridiculous clashing articles of clothing, swings a shiny plastic sign and dances to the music playing through his earbuds. I am assuming he had earbuds in, but couldn’t actually see them… he could have very well have been enthusiastically dancing to the music in his head, in either case I question a larger idea of sanity. This young enthusiastic dancer is a paid sign holder, advertising for some company that wants to buy your gold for money! It is such an odd sight to me. One very depressed man fights for his life, while another dances for gold that he will never see. I have seen advertisements on craigslist for these sign holder positions; they pay pretty well considering. I wonder… would it not make more sense to pay the homeless man to stand there and hold a sign of a different kind?

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  1. infiniti55 says:

    I often have the same thoughts as I walk the streets of San Francisco. If we all had a similar thought maybe this world would be a kinder place to live in. The people who appear invincible to others, shine in my eyes. Thank you for acting like a human. People could learn from your work and point of view..

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