Heading into Winter

Posted on November 2, 2016 with 0 comments

Things that are left behind.

The seasons are changing and we prepare for Winter. The coldness is in the air and so is change. This Winter, as the leaves fall and the snow moves in, I prepare myself to be locked into my office. While I have been absent from this online form, absent publicly from updates on this project, things have been still shifting and working and moving. This Winter, I set up for the final edit of the project. I am not sure the outcome fully but it is time for finality, completion, and a finished product. I have set aside the next few months of cold, to sit at my computer and sew the pieces together, find the story that is waiting to be told, and to create. I am scared of the work. I am scared that it won’t be good enough. But I am more scared of not finishing this thing I started over 8 years ago. There is such an important story here. I hope I can do it justice. For the people who time has forgot. For the people who have struggled and who are struggling. You are not forgotten. You are loved. And your story is important.

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