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Boulder Edge TV: The Empty Places

I did an interview for Boulder Edge TV several months ago and the interview is finally posted (link above). It is always astounding for me to watch the recorded version of myself. I often get the feeling of watching a complete stranger, only that stranger somehow happens to be me. That body, that face, those expressions and thoughts and words… those are all mine! Is it a doppelganger? How very bizarre? Do I really sound like that? Do I really look like that? Where did that smart comment come from? Oh my gosh, what a strange face I make! Most importantly, I wonder how did I  know what to say or how to answer that question? Well, part of that is in thanks to some fantastic editing work (thanks Spencer!!) which removes all the “um’s” and “well” and “like’s…” of of my train of thought and making me sound more intelligent. And part of that is being an adult I guess… how did that happen??? I think it is only after listening to the recorded version of myself or the occasional “out of body experience” while giving a presentation that I realize I may actually know something about something.

I’m sure most people have heard the expression “fake it till you make it.” Somehow, I still feel like I am faking it, though in reality I realize I am actually informed on the subject that I have undertaken. I don’t know if it is a lack of confidence in myself, though I feel very certain of what I am doing, or perhaps it is more of a healthy fear of sounding too conceited and instead attempting to humble myself. Either way, I’m here. I don’t know if I’ve “made it” but, well, I’m here. Countless hours of reading and research,  hours spent visiting each institution (58 total now) and hearing the surprisingly similar histories over and over again, talking to former patients and staff members, and spending over 5 years of my life dedicated to this subject has given me insight and a certain level of mastery over it. Thank god its not all a wash (sigh).

Anyway, I ramble. The point of all of this was more to post the link to the interview and respond to some comments that I scanned through from people on Boulder Edge TV. Thank you to everyone that watched it, took time to check out my website, and post your incredibly and overwhelmingly positive feedback. I heard some people asking for more on the blog, which I am really terrible at doing consistently. But I’ll try… alas till the artists way to be tickled to move only by the fancies of creativity 🙂

So what’s to come? Well… I am interviewing. Looking for people to interview. Tinkering with the thoughts of future fundraising. I was invited to present at a mixed media gallery showing in LA at the end of the month and I am attempting to pull things together so that I can attend that. And hopefully at the end of summer/ fall I will make a trip to the east coast to photograph some more old institutions and history. I think that’s basically where I am at. I’ll check in again soon…

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