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Happy New Year everyone! I know I am a week behind on wishing this. I still can’t even believe that it is a new year. They say that time moves quicker as you get older. Whoever “they” are… it is true. Time does move faster. Or life becomes more full, more complex, more urgent, and we forget to stop and enjoy the moments that make life important. Do we forget to play? Have we forgotten that friendships are more nurturing than paperwork and time for a good meal can be infinity more important than the urgent email that needs to be sent? Do we forget to laugh at the absurd and cry when it suits us and believe in the impossible? Do we forget the things that make childhood magical, the things that make summer breaks seems endless and carefree? Yes, I guess that is what growing up is about, what adulthood means. Time moves faster as we age because we forget to insert magic into our daily lives, things that children emphasis everyday. It is my new years resolution to dream more, play more, laugh more, and stop more… to take those moments, those precious moments that make life, and bask in them fully.

Farewell 2012 and cheers to 2013!IMG_7021x

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