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The snow is melting. The last storm has passed and the forecast seems clear. A cool wind blows from the east across the mountains. Winter is here; the skies are a pale blue, cloudless. One week after my fundraiser and my life begins to settle… just a bit. I feel the strong desire to hibernate. To join the bears in their quest for that last bit of food before crawling into their caves to take a long deep sleep and let the coldness pass. I spend my nights by a warm fire. It crackles and a sweet smoke perfumes the air. I spend lots of time with a warm mug of tea or coffee filling my hand.

Time… just a few weeks ago it felt like it was spinning wildly out of control. I woke up this morning unsure of what day it was. Time seems to have slowed, to cool and freeze like the water. In Colorado, Winter is obvious. But I remember my LA winters, a rainy season instead of snow. I loved the rain… the smell, the sound, the way the night lights bounced off the glossy streets. There are something about the seasons, real seasons, all four seasons, that Colorado brings… transitions. This is a time to slow, to preserve resources, to gather strength, to plot for future travel, to hermit and hibernate. Winter is a time of stillness and reflection… I am ready for the next year. Until then, I will withdraw a little bit, preserve my strength, find my stillness, reflect, and wait for the warmth of spring to pull me from my cocoon.

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