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What to do. The storm has passed, the calm has settled in. Now I find myself filled with a new unrest… boredom’s swinging pendulum. From one extreme to the next; from too much to do to now too little. I wonder, is there a place, a happy blissful place, between these two extremes? Is there a balance of just enough to fill your plate and keep you busy and not so busy as to cause unneeded stress? Or is this life? A fight for balance and happiness that may only be achieved in heartbeats, short moments, that pass. A storm that has only moments of calm. Maybe I must learn to cling to these blissful moments, enjoy their nectar knowing that tomorrow I will wake up hungry again. Maybe this unrest, dissatisfaction, is a necessary fuel that pushes me forward into creativity and new ways of thinking.Maybe this is already a balance, a balance not found in stillness but instead in movement. An ebb and flow like the ocean and her tides, not a rock carefully. My life is one of movement, of travel and exploration. These are the things that bring me happiness. So, why do I seem so eager to settle into a sedentary balance? Maybe, just maybe, I will embrace this unrest as all part of my bigger balance.

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  1. Maybe you should continue writing? I hope so 🙂

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